PowerBeat Series AED

The latest technology. The safest rescue.

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No matter where sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) occurs, whether it is at the office, at school, on vacation, or any other time or place, ViVest’s PowerBeat Series AED is ready to save lives. Using the latest innovative technology, we have developed a safe, fast, efficient defibrillator that can be entrusted to rescue more lives. With this AED, even lay persons on the scene can carry out the exceptional task of saving lives during critical moments.

Easy to use, simple and intuitive - anyone can be a rescuer

A single push of a button switches on the device and the pre-connected pads simplify operation and save precious time. Text and voice prompts guide the rescuer throughout the rescue process, including shock delivery and CPR guidance.

Step by step guidance to make patients and users feel at ease

The device typically takes less than 7 seconds from the prompt ‘shock advised’ till discharge available, and provides fast and stable ECG analysis, the device can detect patient impedence in real-time to deliver customised shock energy to each patient.

Lightweight,Compact and Durable

The device has an IP55 rating so is protected against dust and is able to  function effectively under the most extreme weather conditions.

Optimal operating temperature is 5°C-+50°C. After leaving room temperature to environments under -20°C, can remain in operation for 60 minutes.

The entirety of the device’s surface can withstand damage from a free fall height of 1.5 metres, allowing it to easily handle falls and accidents.

The device weighs only 1.5kg. It is lightweight and compact enough for a child to carry, allowing it to partake in rescue efforts with ease.